Megaman X Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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In just about every successful gaming franchise, it has to start somewhere. Much is the case with the Megaman X series.

The Megaman X series was one of the most successful side-scrolling action game of all time. It was a spinoff from the original Megaman series back in the Nintendo Entertainment system days.

Since then, there were six Megaman X titles until Keiji Inafune, the game’s developer, called it quits after Capcom said that they want to venture into new genres.

Well, since the Megaman X franchise is successful, I think it is only fitting to talk about the original game that spawned five more successful titles in the franchise.

Today, I am going to talk about the Megaman X Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

This game is the first 16-bit Megaman game and it is the first title in the X series. The game revolves around Maverick Hunter, Megaman, in his pursuit to take down Mavericks; rogue Reploids that have gone berserk.

The story of the game begins when Dr. Cain, an archaeologist, discovers a capsule in the old ruins of a robotics facility.

In this capsule lies “Megaman X” (for the sake of brevity, we will just refer to Megaman X as simply “X”).

Before Dr. Cain was able to crack open the capsule, a small message was embedded in it. Megaman X was actually the creation of Dr. Light and the esteemed doctor said that Megaman X is his best creation yet.

This is a robot who is able to think and feel; having his own free will and has a sense of justice. He is also embedded with a chip that allows him to convey human morality.

Dr. Cain wanted to create more “X’s” and so he did. He calls them the “Reploids”. After quite some time, both the Reploids and the humans peacefully coexisted with each other.

But, a handful of them turned rogue and are actually breaking the law. They also convinced some Reploids to go with them and since defected to the evil cause.

Since the threat of the Mavericks was far too great to deny, the government along with the guidance of Dr. Cain, created the “Maverick Hunters”, with X spearheading the team.

The Maverick Hunters, most especially X, is out to subdue evil Mavericks and to defeat the mastermind behind all of this: Sigma.

The Megaman X Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System still follows the original formula of the Megaman series but has many great additions.

For one, X can now battle different Maverick bosses. After defeating them, X will have the element of that boss and he will have new weapons to cater for the new element.

Furthermore, each boss has their own weaknesses. So, X must make sure to defeat the easy ones in order for players to progress to the other bosses.

Along with different weapons, X can also acquire a new set of armors to help him defeat the Mavericks.

In some stages, there will be a capsule created by Dr. Light specifically to give X some enhancements to further his good cause.

After getting all of the armor pieces, Megaman’s power will be doubled and he will have other abilities at his disposal.

The Megaman X Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System just built the foundation for other Megaman X games to follow.

This game is one of the best for the SNES and if you want to relive the great Megaman X series, you definitely have to start with the first title.


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Mobile phones are constantly evolving. Each year, mobile phone manufacturers slap in a new technology to entice consumers. But, it does not mean that the old models are bad. No, not at all!

Today, we are going to take a look back at one of LG’s flagship phones, specifically the LG G2. The LG G2 was a flagship mobile phone from LG back in 2014. A lot of people actually like this mobile phone for its specs but also, it irked some people because of its design.

If you’re like me, I do not value the design of the mobile phone; I value the performance of it even more. Even though the LG G2 doesn’t have a really good design compared to its competitors, it still has a lot to offer.

The design of the LG G2 is simple and weird. It is simple because there really isn’t something that we haven’t seen in other mobile phones. It is weird because all of the buttons are situated on the back side of the phone, making it a little bit obscure. Accidental presses are also worrisome for people who have big hands and for people who prefer to use the phone one-handed, prepare to press the buttons by mistake more often.

The screen of the LG G2 is a 5.2-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 424ppi. Back in the day, this mobile phone’s screen is very pretty. In fact, a lot of people claim that they love watching their favorite movies on this phone’s screen rather than their tablets.

As for the performance standpoint, the LG G2 Android mobile phone comes equipped with the Snapdragon 800 chipset which is a quad-core processor with clock speeds of 2.26GHz. The phone also comes with either 16 or 32GB of internal storage as well as 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity.

LG really makes it up for the design of this mobile phone in other areas. The LG G2, at least with respect to its other competitors, has a much beefier battery. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S5’s 2,800 MaH battery, the LG G2 Android mobile phone comes with 3,000 MaH. That is why most people prefer this as a media device compared to other mobile phones at the time.

The LG G2 originally uses the Android 4.4.2 version, but now, you can download the Android Lollipop for it absolutely free. All you have to do is go to the settings menu and check for system updates.

This Android mobile phone also has an impressive camera. It comes with a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization technology that is perfect for people who have shaky hands.

The camera app also has loads of features such as HDR, Panorama, Time Catch shot, Sports and Night mode, and so much more.

The LG G2 may not have the sexiest design, but it makes it up for it in pretty much all other areas. The display is great, the performance is better, and the camera is superb. And, with a price of only $180, you get a great Android mobile phone.

weBoost Drive 4G-S Mobile Phone Signal Booster Review

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WeBoost, formerly known as Wilson Electronics, creates the best mobile phone signal boosters out in the market today. The thing about their signal boosters is that they are very easy to install, and thus, they get the job done.

Apart from easy installation, their mobile phone signal boosters also boosts a lot of frequencies; from the normal 2G for better call clarity up to the 4G and LTE signals that promises blazing fast internet speeds.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the weBoost Drive 4G-S. This is quite different from their other offerings because this is a type of “cradle” signal booster. weeboostWhat does it mean? This means that this signal booster will improve the signal reception of your mobile phone when it is put in its “cradle”.

That being said, you can only enjoy amplified signals when your phone is put on the cradle. This means that if you want to make a call for example, you can only talk via the speaker phone function or through a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Another major problem with the weBoost Drive 4G is that it has one of the weakest amplifiers among other signal boosters. It only has a 23 dB amplifier, which is a farcry from the industry’s standard of 50 dB.

Still, the weBoost Drive 4G-S is one of the most affordable signal boosters around, and that may appeal to some people.

If you buy the weBoost Drive 4G-S, you will get these items:

  • weBoost Drive 4G-S Cradle with built-in Amplifier
  • weBoost 4 in. Magnet-Mount External Antenna
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter and cable
  • Vehicle dash adhesive mounting bracket
  • Instruction Manual with Installation Directions

So, how do you install this signal booster to your car? It is very to install the signal booster. Simply attach the included Magnetic external antenna on the roof of your car and then attach the coaxial cable to the amplifier. Next, plug in the power supply to the cigarette lighter port, attach the power cable to the amplifier, then you’re good to go!

There are also a good amount of review for this product.

Samson said, “This is the only booster that boosts 4G signals on all major carrier networks & that also boosts 2g and 3g signal’s for under $1000. I work in the oilfield as an mwd field engineer outside Douglas Wyoming & without this booster all I can pick up is 3g signal which gives me about 1.2 mbps down and 600 kbps up. Don’t trust what any of the negative reviewer’s say on here, more than likely they are just inexperienced with signal boosters. Once I hooked this up and pointed the antenna in the right direction I was able to pick up a 4g signal and went from 1.2mbps to 22 mbps down.”

Craig also quipped, “I’m constantly driving in areas with dead zones and bad cell service. This booster basically eliminated that problem for me. If you’re in a similar situation and are thinking about one, I’d highly recommend it.”

Although, this product does not have a strong amplifier as other signal boosters, but the affordable price of $199 for this cradle-type signal booster is what is appealing to people. Also, it can boost 4G signals, so that is a good plus too!

A basic guide to the r4 card for Nintendo

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There is a reason why the Nintendo DS is one of the most popular portable gaming consoles of all time. More then anything else, the Nintendo DS gives its owners the ability to select and customize their gaming device to an incredible degree. This is in part thanks to the portable storage devices that can connect to the same slots as regular games.

Portable storage devices come in many flavors. One trusted source of portable storage devices for the Nintendo DS is the R4DS series of cartridges. Standing for “Revolution for DS” the R4DS uses its own firmware to connect and talk to your Nintendo DS depending on how you set it up. This blank slate if you will means that with the right coding, your Nintendo DS can do anything the underlying hardware of the portable console allows. In short, you can use an R4DS card to dramatically increase the options of your Nintendo DS.

So What Can You Do With An R4 Card?

Well, that will depend on what kind of Nintendo DS you own. However, there are versions of R4 cards made for each, meaning that you will have the ability to make use of R4 functionality without being selective regarding what DS you own. Features of the R4 include being able to download and play games from the internet, being able to back-up and store your games on a single card, using the card as a music/video/photo viewer, and much more.

Watch Out For Fake Versions of the R4 Line

The original R4 line ended in 2008. From there, multiple versions of the R4 line were later produced. However, due to the success of the R4, there was a great number of knock-off products produced and sold. Often designed poorly, these fake R4 cards have a history of breaking down easily and at times not working even when brand new.

A Note About Piracy

Oddly enough, both England and Japan have banned the sale of the R4 Card (and those that have come after it) for fear that it would cause rampant piracy of games. While this is technically possible, there is little qualitative data (and mostly paranoid rumors) fueling this legislation. With so many options provided by the R4 Card, piracy ranks among one of the fewest reported uses for this device. In fact, many countries allow you to make a single back up of the game you own for personal use incase something were to happen to the original. This completely legal use of the R4 Card stands in contradiction to laws that forbid its use.